Configuring Thrive Themes and Generating Site Templates

In this video, I walk you through the various settings in your Thrive Themes settings and assist you with generating the free templates that you can then modify in your easy Thrive Content Builder.

Now We're Building Our Site!

In this lesson, I will walk you through the various configuration settings on Thrive Themes, in WordPress and more. You will watch me build out the included templates in Thrive Themes, you will watch me build a mock homepage, new menu and will see things come together. With your included WordPress training videos and all the videos to this point, you will have the foundation to build your site out the way you want.

What's Next?

This concludes the first segment of free training to build your site. Once you complete this step, you will see how easy it is to lay out your content, how to build various templates and have the ability to roll out all of the sections on your site.

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